About me:

After a lifetime of collecting and wearing artist-made jewelry, I am thrilled to have now acquired the skills to fabricate jewelry myself. My one-person studio, artist’s hand studio, is where I enjoy continually exploring new techniques and creating distinctive jewelry in sterling silver, brass, copper, and aluminum. Rather than creating a “line” of jewelry, I prefer to follow the inspirations of the moment and share those with you.

About pricing:

The price I set for each piece is based on two things: cost of materials and amount of labor. So although copper is much less expensive than silver, a copper bracelet that I spent days foldforming, hammering, and coloring may have a higher price than a simple silver pendant that I created in a few hours. Certain techniques, like stone setting, are especially labor-intensive, so pieces including those techniques are always more expensive.

Questions, comments, or suggestions? Please contact me!

– Amelia Hard