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Delicate Small Silver Hoop Earrings


Small lightly-hammered silver hoop earrings


Product Description

If you need some earrings that are pretty but not too attention-getting  – for example, to wear to work or to a professional gathering – these delicate 100% sterling silver hoops may be just what you’re looking for. Though classic, their freeform shape and irregular hammer marks show that they’re handmade, and because making them didn’t require much silver, they are very reasonably priced. You’ll enjoy how they sparkle as they catch the light.

The hoops measure about 1″ in diameter, weigh only 1 gram each, and close securely with hinged hoop closures also made with sterling silver.

The price includes shipping within the U.S. Your earrings will be shipped in a gift box decorated with the artist’s hand studio logo.


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