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Hammered Aluminum Wide Bangle Bracelet


Bold and striking silvery bangle bracelet

NOTE: This piece is one of a kind and cannot be exactly replicated

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I designed this hammered aluminum bangle to be versatile. I used sturdy 22 gauge aluminum, so it’s lightweight for its size and thickness (only 8 grams), it resists tarnish, and it looks as appropriate with jeans and a t-shirt as with business clothes. It measures just over .5 inch wide and about 8 inches around. It is slightly adjustable.

Because I don’t have the option to solder aluminum, the bangle is held closed by tension: one end slips underneath the other so that it presses up from underneath, forming a tight closure. The closure can’t pop open by itself, but if, for example, you catch it on something and it slips to the side, all you need to do to restore the closure is to gently slip it back into place. (See close-up in gallery photos.)

The price includes shipping within the U.S. Your bracelet will be shipped in a gift box decorated with the artist’s hand studio logo.


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