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Small (1.5-Inch) Brass Leaf-Shaped Earrings


Foldformed leaf-shaped brass earrings measuring 1.5 inches long

NOTE: These earrings are not one of a kind. After they are sold, I will replace them with a duplicate pair.


Product Description

These earrings are a slightly smaller version of the Large Brass Leaf-Shaped Earrings. I created this size to better suit women who prefer something less bold. If you like big, dramatic earrings, you’ll prefer the larger version. (Because the amount of brass used is only slightly less and the amount of labor to make them is the same, the cost is the same for both.)

I love using foldforming techniques to mimic the shape of leaves. These gold-colored brass earrings are reminiscent of a curled rounded leaf. I soldered sterling silver ear wires to them, which are long enough to prevent the earrings from coming off accidentally. After polishing them, I sealed the finish with jeweler’s microcrystalline wax to keep them from tarnishing.

They measure approximately 1.5 inches from top to bottom and 1 inch across at the widest points. The earwires measure 2 inches from where they meet the earring to the tip of the wire. They are very lightweight – each earring weighs just 3 grams.

The price includes shipping and insurance within the U.S. Your earrings will be shipped in a gift box stamped with the artists hand studio logo.


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